Whitewater rafting is kind of adventurous river rapids and obstacles in an inflatable rubber boat with a team of up to eight people and a river guide. Rivers are graded from easy to near-impossible according to their size, the intensity of their rapids and the difficulties that may affect rescue attempts. Short trips take between one and four days and do not involve any trekking. Some of these trips involve less challenging whitewater and are ideally suited to first-time rafters and families. Others attract experienced thrill-seekers with their world-class rapids.

Long Rafting Trips
Our longer trips take you into some of Nepal’s most remote areas. Often they begin with short treks to the river. On these treks we employ local porters to carry our gear and supplies, so all you need to carry your own personal belongings. Many of our long trips finish close to some of our less easily accessible National Parks and Wildlife Reserves (the Karnali trip actually finishes in the Bardia National Park). So you may wish to combine your rafting trip with a safari adventure and go in search of our native tigers, bears, and rhinos!

White Water River Rafting
The Himalayan country of Nepal seems to be one of the biggest adventures playgrounds for the outdoor event participant. Nepal is not only famous for trekking and mountaineering, Jungle safari but also white water rafting and tourist are getting different experience during their trip in Nepal so that people choose it as one of the best destinations for rafting. The unique combination of mountain scenery, warm water and a diversity of cultures make Nepal a whitewater enthusiasts dream destination.