Jungles are home to the most unique and rare animals in all the world. The warm subtropical Terai region of Nepal also the houses of such animals as Royal Bengal tigers, rhinos, leopards wild elephants, black bears, monkeys, Langurs, crocodiles, kinds of dear and over 250 species of exotic birds. This wildlife parks were established to protect these endangered animals and the environment they live in. They are the premier places in Asia to enjoy a true natural jungle experience for our life. Our program includes everything from jungle activities, accommodations and transportation to and from the parks.

Jungle Safari in Nepal

Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park together with 11 other national parks in Nepal are prosperous in different kind of flora and wildlife, such as the rare enormous one horned rhinoceros, several species of deer, Himalayan bear, leopard, Himalayan dolphin, crocodile, birds, Bengal tiger, etc. living in these parks in their natural habitation. The Safari in Nepal is very popular for elephant safari, dugout canoeing, nature walk, bird watching, jungle excursion and visiting the village of local tribes called Tharu.

Chitwan National Park which is located in the central Terai and Bardia National Park is located in the western Terai which provides the Nepal’s best wildlife and nature screening places in Asia. Activities like tour on the back of an mighty elephant, jeep and on boat has been always admired by travelers. You will have a choice choose jungle lodges, tents and guest houses wherein you can discover the Nepal’s Parks and its wildlife. The tented camp and the jungle resort in the area are highly applauded for close animal sighting is the main attraction of these resorts.

Another remarkable Jungle safari spot Bardia National Park which is situated in western Terai of Nepal is one of the largest uninterrupted parks in the region. This park is the residence of many endangered animals, reptiles and birds – including the indescribable Tiger. Bardia has also been a excellent place for tiger viewing – a rare event anywhere else. Sightings of a group of wild elephants have further enhanced the wildlife experience possible in this beautiful and unblemished sanctuary.

The Kosi Barrage and the Kosi Tapu situated in east Nepal provides one of the best places in Nepal to sight migrant waterfall, waders and shoreline birds during the winter months. Many species which are not verified elsewhere in the region have been seen here. Thousands of birds assemble here in January and February before they migrate north when the warm weather begins.