Nepal is the eventual destination for the travelers form any part of the world and tourists enjoying holidays in a beautiful land-locked country. Decorate along the spinal column of the high Himalaya, Nepal is a land of inspiring scenery, time-worn temples, deepest gorge, highest lake, eight out of ten highest peaks and some of the best challenging hiking trails on the earth. Nepal globally might me one of the poor country, but it is uniquely rich in scenic brilliance and cultural treasures. Nepal is situated between India and Tibet, the Kingdom of Nepal is filled with as many different ethnic groups, customs and traditions as it is diverse in geography. Ranging from the hot Indian plains and sweltering southern Tarai lowlands, the topography crosses the Kathmandu Valley and rises to the frozen altitude of the Himalayan peaks towards the beautiful Tibetan plateau known as the ‘roof of the world’.

Dispersed across these diverse altitudes are communities of colorful cultures and people, many even untouched by the modern development; vibrant cities and towns, and remote mountain villages. Life here revolves around an elaborate intermingling of ancient Hindu and Buddhist religious rituals. Several festivals are celebrated throughout the year colored by a diversity of religious and tribal traditions. The capital of Kathmandu accumulates a mixture of these different societies together into a exciting collection of brilliant sights and exotic stench, with modern shops co-existing with street sellers, while astounding Buddhist temples, holy Sadhus of the Hindu faith and medieval palace squares fill the urban landscape. What makes Nepal a perfect destination is the blazes it has of its own kind which can possibly not be found in any other countries. Major people imagine tours to be limited to marking shapes and beauties of Monasteries and Temples but we at Great Adventure Treks & Expedition have wider vision of tours. When we talk about tours, we talk about enjoying the flora and fauna of the nature, having adventure in Chitwan, discovering new ways of entertaining our guests, visiting Nagarkot for an extravagant view of the Himalayas, visit Pokhara and tour around lake which is no doubt one of the most beautiful places on earth.